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Brussels Sprouts & Lemon Meatballs - april 8, 2014

The most perfect little brussels sprouts were at our local farmers' market this past Sunday. Of course I couldn't resist them, along with the chard, kale, other kale, strawberries, honey, two types of almonds, cookies, bread loaf and mixed purple sprouts that ended up in my bag. Now we have to eat it all before the CSA box arrives on Thursday.

New inspiration for the sprouts came from my twitter friend @KCRWGoodFood who recommended Sqirl's Brussels Sprouts with chicharron powder. As much as I love pig products, chicharrones are not something I keep in the pantry, but garlicky bread crumbs seem to work just as well.

Nigel Slater's Pork and Lemon Polpettine, from The Kitchen Diaries, p. 126, accompanied the sprouts, along with some couscous, which my kids clamor for all the time. Too bad it's pasta and not a whole grain. The meatball recipe can also be found on The Examiner's website.

--- After dinner follow up:

 My 8 year old proclaimed these the best sprouts ever. Yippee!



So glad to hear!!!


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