Lamb Kofta - april 10, 2014

I discovered Waitrose Kitchen magazine while in London with my family last week. I know, everyone always complains about British food, but recently they seem able to take that love of gardening they're also known for and cook up some pretty delicious meals from what's popped up in the backyard. Or allotment.

This recipe is from the July, 2013 issue of Waitrose Kitchen, which is where our friend Cedric got his recipe for the delicious lamb roast we ate two sundays ago.  The pictures in this magazine are really appealing, which is why I was so excited about this kofta recipe in the first place. The protein (lamb),  vegetables (a beautiful salad with colorful baby leaves) and starch (a flat bread to wrap it in) are all on one perfect looking plate. And we can eat it without utensils. Genius! 

I'll make a second batch of Stephanie Alexander's tzatziki from this past weekend to plop on top of the purple sprouts I bought on Sunday, just for this recipe.

--- After dinner follow up:

At first I found the idea of grilling and baking the meat redundant, but I followed the instructions and it worked out really well. The meat even held in the oven and stayed warm without drying out, so that my kids could finish watching their TV show before we ate. This new reward system for finishing their homework quickly and without complaint seems to be working well.

The meatballs and lavash were very popular at the table, and 3 out of 4 of us ate the salad and tzatziki, as expected. Sprouts always leave me feeling live I've got a mouthful of fur,  so next time I'll cut the stems off and toss the tops with some baby lettuces. If I'm lucky the Sassy Salad seeds I just bought will have magically sown themselves in the garden and will be ready for harvest by then.


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