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Risotto Croquettes - april 13, 2014

My friend Dawn is having us over for a BBQ. We'll be crashing the party that she and my other friend Emma sold as part of the fund-raising auction at our elementary school, but that still counts. I'm so excited, a BBQ!

I offered to bring an appetizer and when Dawn told me she'd be heating up her fryer to make some chips, I knew it would have to be fried. I'd love to have a fryer of my own, but I'm desperately afraid that would make deep frying too easy. I'd use it every day.

--- After dinner follow up:

We had risotto for dinner on Friday (with green garlic instead of onion). Using the leftovers, I assembled the balls on Sunday, basically following the directions here, which I posted about back in 2012. The recipe is on p. 25 of Canal House Cooking Volume 7.

They fried up easily and were tasty, though they are best very small. Like a 1-1 1/2 inch diameter. This batch was closer to 2 or 3, which makes them heavier. The rest of the BBQ was delicious: grilled chicken, quinoa salad, asparagus, chips and salsa, a pear and almond tart. And lots of kids throwing water balloons, wrestling and running around. The perfect afternoon!

Dawn assured me that I would have no problem with a fryer of my own. She stores hers in the garage and only fries things outside, which seems like good policy to follow. It's much easier to not use something that is out of sight.



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