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Shrimp Risotto & Shaved Salad - april 11, 2014

There is a recipe for shaved fennel and radish salad in this week's Eatwell Farm newsletter and both ingredients in the box, along with green garlic. Chicken broth, arborio rice and green garlic seem like natural companions to me, so I'll add some shrimp and we'll have risotto with a little sauteed kale and this salad on the side.

--- After dinner follow up:

 Things fell apart quickly with this one, because I didn't really get started until after 6pm and had already drank a glass of wine. 

The kale was chopped to bits and turned out poorly.

The risotto was fine, as always. I made a triple batch for croquettes, which will be an appetizer we bring to a BBQ on Sunday.

The shrimp were forgotten, so my husband sauteed them last minute and set off the smoke alarm with a blaze of fire that vanished into thin air. He's fancy like that. 

The salad wasn't good. Too oily, too radishy, too bland, I'm not sure what happened.

Ugh. Failure.


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