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Take Out Chinese - april 12, 2014

My choices are to either make the soup with the cauliflower I bought last Sunday, or to work on the gigantic project I've been meaning to get to now more than ever. But not both. I choose the project. My kids are always happy when we order takeout chinese food. Dumplings, fried rice, won-ton soup, string beans and chicken. The menu never changes.


Paxtis PizzaOut for Pizza - august 1, 2013


Sushi! - february 25, 2013

This is where we like to go for sushi in San Francisco.

Georgios Pizzeria

Pizza and Salad - january 27, 2013

Delivery, again. From our favorite local place with the antipasto salad I love, which seems to be a common feature of old style Italian pizza joints. Especially if they have neon.

Mission Chinese Food

Small Plates - january 23, 2013

That is just another word for leftovers. In this case, from Mission Chinese. While their food is delicious when fresh, I recommend you finish up at the restaurant or leave them on the table. Ugh.


StarbellyJalapeño Bacon Pizza - january 16, 2013

With green goddess dressing, from Star Belly. For the kids: pesto pasta.


Pizza and Salad - january 11, 2013

Delivery, from down the block.

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