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Split Pea Soup
july 31, 2013

This is pretty delicious and absurdly easy. We have no celery, so I'll leave it out. We still have two big chunks of frozen ham left from Christmas, so I'll throw one in the pot and rustle up something to serve alongside, like maybe leftover bread and cheese from yesterday.

--- After dinner follow-up:

My son declined to attend his last baseball practice of the season, so we came home after tinkering camp with nothing to do.

Shockingly, the sun appeared. So we joined it outside. I refurbished the front porch planters while the kids washed one side of my car (the one closest to the curb) and climbed on the hood. Then we went inside, made cornbread and dished up the soup.

I'm told the ham isn't particularly flavorful anymore - "it tastes like nothing!" But that is what I would expect for a piece of precooked meat that has been in the freezer for seven months and then in the slow cooker for seven hours. With a little extra salt it was just fine.


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