Paella with Shrimp and SausagePaella with Shrimp and Sausage
august 29, 2013

"Too much sausage!" you say? Perhaps. Two days in a row is a bit indulgent. But it is really a pretty small portion. I keep shrimp in the freezer and dry chorizo in the fridge, so that I can make paella whenever red peppers arrive in the produce box. This also makes good use of crock-pot stock made from last week's chicken.

If you know how to make risotto, you know how to make paella - just add onions, red peppers, parsley, a big pinch of saffron, lots of pimetón and don't stir it so much. And if you don't know how to make risotto you really should learn, because it is super easy, requires no advanced planning, no measuring and can be really delicious as long as you don't forget the salt.

--- After dinner followup:

Like I said on the previous post, we actually ate this yesterday instead of today. This time I didn't burn it, which is so much better. Kids still don't love it, but they eat the protein and tolerate the rest. One finished her bowl and the other ate most of his, plus one piece of the dreaded, gag inducing, red bell pepper. They were rewarded with pie. The same one we ate for breakfast.


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