Aubergines with Bulgar WheatAubergines with Bulghur Wheat
september 12, 2013

Ok, ok, I know. It's an eggplant. And bulgar. Those Brits and their crazy misspellings! There will be some mint in this dinner, too. I've recently fallen back in love with bulgar's nubby nuttiness and we have eggplant in the CSA box, again. On p.19 in Nigel Slater's The Kitchen Diaries.

--- After dinner follow up:

We ditched the kids with a babysitter for a school event and quick dinner at Inner Fog, where we stuffed ourselves silly on tasty pork products and cheese. The sitter reported pretty much what I expected from dinner: my son wouldn't touch it and opted out for pb&h on a tortilla, while my daughter ate a few bites and then had lots of bread and cheese. "The dinner last night was good, Mommy," she told me this morning, "except for all that eggplant." An unfortunate problem since the whole point of the dish was to get rid of the eggplant.

I'm eating it for lunch today and it's not too bad - though next time I'll caramelize some onions, roast the veggies and mix them into cooked bulgar instead of making the whole thing together in a pot, that should reduce the slime factor. Now that I'm on to Tamar Adler's roast ahead technique, I could pull off this dinner in about 30 minutes, if I roasted the veggies ahead.

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