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Dan Dan Noodles
september 19, 2013

This is the second recipe I'm using from the SF Chronicle's spread on Asian noodles. Cold ramen, sauce and a few sliced vegetables should be just the thing for an easy weeknight dinner on a hot evening.

And they were!

I bypassed all that heavily processed Top-Ramen type business with noodles made by Hakubaku, which, oddly enough, come from Australia. You can probably find something similar at most Asian markets, but the language issue poses a problem for me: our local Asian market is Chinese, and most of the people there can't read Japanese packages any better than I can. So finding Ramen without artifical ingredients can be challenging. But the stock-person or scanning-machine on the cash register usually knows what's up. They helped me locate bonito flakes last month. 

Serving bowls of plain noodles with all the toppings gathered round in separate bowls works well for my family, giving the kids some control over their meal. The pork was their favorite topping, the sauce was my favorite topping, I should have cooked the whole package of noodles because there weren't enough!


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