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september 11, 2013

Last week we got a whole bag of cute little ciopollini onions from Eatwell Farm, so I'll be taking the long road and slow cooking them (on the stove) into Canal House Cooking's version of French Onion Soup, from volume #3 p. 40. Alongside will be my second favorite salad in the world, their Mock Cesar, from the same book, p. 35. Luckily I have some old bread going stale in the fridge to make into garlicky croutons to crush and sprinkle on top.

--- After dinner follow up:

Not only did I scorch the onions, but I also over-salted the soup. So I fell back on two of Tamar Adler's wise recommendations - dumping the un-burned remainder into a new pan and then adding potatoes to remedy the salt.  At dinner everyone agreed that the soup was neither too salty nor burned, but both my kids did concur that they would prefer not to eat it again. Of course that was after they polished off their three giant Gruy√®re encrusted croutons, floating on top of each bowl. And shockingly, even my son dished himself up a plate of salad from the tossed bowl in the middle of the table. I sat in stunned silence, since this has never happened before. 


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