Pasta with Roasted VegetablesPasta with Roasted Vegetables
september 24, 2013

This is another dinner made with vegetables I roasted earlier this week using Tamar Adler's method. On Friday I loaded the oven with a tray of eggplant and peppers, a tray of acorn squash, a glass baking dish of cherry tomatoes and another glass dish of zucchini. Most of it turned out pretty well.

I thought pasta with some of the precooked roasted vegetables would make a nice, quick dinner. And it did, sort of.

My kids chose their pasta (dried cheese tortellini) and I served it with marinara from the freezer and a few of the roasted cherry tomatoes. They grated their own parmesan on top. My 8 year old ate the pasta, the other refused. The remaining roasted vegetables - squash, zucchini, eggplant - were very unpopular. Both children went to bed without eating much and seem to have survived just fine.

My husband and I finished off the vegetables and sauce later that evening over some pappardelle. Super easy and quite tasty, at least for the grown-ups. You can read more about roasting vegetables once a week to cover several meals in Tamar Adler's An Everlasting Meal.


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