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Rigatoni with Tomatoes
september 29, 2013

Canal House Cooking volume 8 is here! Just in time to make good use of the last of Summer's tomatoes. On p. 47, this recipe uses lots of herbs and fresh mozzarella. I'll also grill some swordfish to serve alongside (p. 61) and the Chicken Alla Deavola (p. 69) for Tuesday. If I can manage, I'll sauté some turnips we have languishing in the fridge with thyme and lemon. 

This worked surprisingly well. I can't believe I grilled a chicken for later in the week, made a three course dinner, served and ate it, all in two hours on a Sunday evening!  

Grilled fish is always easy, which helped. We ate that with a traditional salsa verde instead of the tarragon sauce (parsley, capers, salt, lemon, oil, pepper). The pasta was delish, just barely cooking the tomatoes and herbs with hot oil is perfect. I sautéed kale instead of turnips.

Kale was the first step, then it waited patiently on the stove while I ran up and down the stairs from kitchen to grill for the next hour and a half (3 flights: kitchen on top and grill down in the yard). I left the chicken untended for 20 minute increments until dinner was over, which worked out just fine.

Kids gobbled up the fish and some of the pasta. Adults ate the greens. All were well fed. Hurrah!


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