Vegetables RoastingBulgar with Roasted Vegetables
september 16, 2013

The really special part of this is the yogurt sauce recipe that came in last week's newsletter. I tried out Tamar Adler's instructions for roasting cherry tomatoes, zucchini, turnips, eggplant and peppers last friday. They were pretty delicious just on their own or mixed into bulgar, but now we'll have them with sauce! 

Very tasty, though I didn't have any Greek yogurt and settled for runnier, plain yogurt. The kids ate pesto pasta and went to bed early, so they didn't even have an opportunity to try the vegetables. I'll do this again when I have the right kind of yogurt and serve it with rice and lamb kebabs, so that there is something I know the kids will like. Because I don't have high hopes they will eat roasted vegetables.


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