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Zucchini Pancakes & Grilled Chicken
october 1, 2013

The chicken is already made, it joined some swordfish on the grill while I was making dinner Sunday. Cooking two meals at once, both from the new Canal House Cooking Volume 8, was motivation enough for me to fire up the charcoal grill out in the yard. Lighting an actual fire is always more satisfying than pushing the button on our gas grill, even though it takes more time and effort. Plus, the food always tastes better.

I'll serve the spicy chicken, Chicken Alla Deavola on p. 69, with the Zucchini Pancakes on p. 99. The pancakes are good hot, right out of the pan, so I'll have the kids at the table ready to eat before I start frying them.

--- After dinner follow up:

Yes, good, yum! Served it with a butter lettuce and radish salad.


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