Cabbage, Potato & Chorizo Soup
march 11, 2014

There have been a lot of cabbages at my house, so far this year. We've made many of them into pot-stickers (aka dumplings), which we freeze, then heat-n-eat later. Sometimes I'll chop a half and add it to fried rice, or slice and sauté one with a chopped shallot and whatever other green we happen to have on hand. That makes a great side- dish for pasta or some sort of meat.

I'm a little nervous about how this soup will go over with my kids, but they sure love chorizo. Maybe they won't notice the cabbage. The recipe is from Eatwell Farm's newsletter, a few weeks back.

--- After dinner follow up:

Good soup! One kid ate it, the other not really, but the sausage is definitely a draw. I used the aged variety of chorizo, not the raw one. I also made it for 4, not 16, as in the recipe. Here's my revised recipe:

Chop an onion (or mix of spring onions and green garlic, if that's what you have). Heat a little olive oil, gently sauté the onion with a little salt. Wash and dice 1/2 lb of potatoes, then throw them in the pot. Remove the casing from 1/4 lb of dry chorizo, slice it into rounds and then 1/2 rounds, throw it in the pot. When the onion is soft, add stock to cover the other ingredients (about 2 1/2 cups). I use chicken stock. Bring it to a simmer and partly cover the pot.

Thinly slice 1 very small head of cabbage (or 1/2 a big head), then chop the slices into pieces 2 inches long or so. When the potatoes are soft, taste the soup and adjust for salt. Then add the cabbage and continue to cook uncovered until it is as done as you'd like. I like my cabbage to have a bit of crunch left. Serve with bread and cheese.


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