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march 17, 2014

Yes, of course, from this book. It is where 75% of my spring dinners come from. And it's green, perfect for the holiday! In my kitchen the color is more of a pleasant chartreuse than comes across here on the web. 

But anyway, a giant corned beef from BiRite Market, long cooked in a pot on the stove. Then potatoes, carrots, celery root and cabbage cooked in the same broth. Served with a salad using leftover dressing from Sunday's steak extravaganza. 

More meat than usual lately at my house, the kids sure don't seem to mind. Both of them found the corned beef and veggies inoffensive, though I think it will take another 20 dinners before they admit to enjoying the flavor.

Our friends brought strange flavored Kit-Kats from Japan for dessert (chili, strawberry cheesecake, rum raisin) and we had a celebration! 


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