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Flatiron Steak, Risotto, Spinach & Beets
march 14, 2014

There is a frozen  flatiorn steak in my freezer. Bruce Aidell's The Complete Meat Cookbook explains that a flatiron steak, aka blade steak, is a top blade chuck steak, and can be quite tender. Fine, that's all good and well. But what should I do with it? 

Basically, according to Mr. Aidells,  the steak should be marinated. Overnight. But that isn't an option, since it is nearly 5pm and I took the steak out to thaw this morning. Teriyaki Marinade is one recommended for this cut of meat, on p 115. I'll use that because it sounds like something my kids will eat - salty, sweet, not too spicy. After a couple hours in the marinade I'll grill it.

Sautéed spinach (in olive oil, with a minced shallot and salt), roasted beets and green garlic risotto on the side.  A friday night feast!

--- After dinner follow up:

Yeah. It was good. Score!


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