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Shanghai Noodles with Chicken
march 12, 2014

Like I tweeted yesterday, or maybe that was today, I love how Eatwell's newsletter now plans out a week of dinners. Yes! I need that.

This one uses the leftovers from a chicken we roasted, ate and made stock You're never supposed to eat cooked food that has been in the fridge for more than a few days, but anything under a week seems fine to me. A minute or two  in the microwave feels like extra insurance against any flourishing bacteria that may be involved.

I'll  scavenge a leftover cabbage from the CSA trade box outside and use it, since we have no more bok choi, along with the first handful of snap peas out of my garden this year. This recipe is on the Eatwell Farm website.

--- After dinner follow up:

A great idea, to top noodles with stir-fried vegetables and leftover chicken! One kid loved it, the other was cranky and wouldn't have eaten dinner no matter what I served. I bet he'll eat it next time.

And as expected, nobody got food poisoning. The only time that has ever happened to us was the night we had pesto pasta, bacon and store-bought cake for my son's birthday. All four of us were vomiting within a few hours of each other. Truly incredible. I blame it on the basil. Or the cake?


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