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Pasta Bolognese & Arugula Salad
april 6, 2014

Pasta with Bolognese sauce is nothing out of the ordinary for my family. But I don't make it every time we eat it, that  takes too long. Leftover sauce from the freezer works just fine. This recipe is unusual because it uses white wine, milk and chicken livers. I've never purchased chicken livers before, at least not without most of the rest of the bird attached. And I still haven't, because I sent my husband to do it while I prepped everything else. 

--- After dinner follow up:

This recipe, from Canal House Cooking Volume #7, p. 107, makes a massive amount of sauce. We now have at least six meals worth of Bolognese waiting to be eaten. Too bad the season is spring and not winter. But this  is still delicious, no matter the time of year. The chicken liver and prosciutto add an extra layer of flavor, but I'm tempted to try this recipe with red wine next time. I think I'd like it more.

The kids loved it as usual, but they too noticed the difference in wines. "This time it tastes...less," one of them told me. 

My favorite arugula salad rounded out the meal. But laziness made me pour olive oil straight from the jar instead of re-loading the empty cruet. Too much came out too fast and the leaves were hopelessly greasy. But they ate it any way. What a good family I have!


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