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Tortilla Soup
May 3, 2014

It seems like a million years ago that I made this for a different camping trip, way back in 2010. That dinner went so well that I'm doing it again, for my daughter's 3rd grade camp out potluck, four years later. Basically the same procedure this time, but with canned tomatoes instead of fresh. This summer's delicious locally grown ones haven't hit the markets yet.

---After dinner follow up:

Once again, lots of people liked it, even some of the kids! 

I made it ahead of time because I really do not like to cook on camping trips. My husband handles that. I just do heat and eat.

click here to buy the bookIt was still good using canned tomatoes (actually, the ones that come in a box). The real key to this soup is Deborah Madison's Red Stock, the recipe for that is on p.197 of her original Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.

It is a labor of love, though. Preparing a pot of Red Stock takes far more time than throwing a chicken carcass and an onion into the crockpot after dinner, my usual method of broth making. But it is really worth it! The recipe for the rest of the soup is on p.218. Be careful when you broil the peppers, they always make me cough.

Can you believe there is a new Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone? It came out in March. I'm anxious to see how it has been improved, I just don't see how that is possible because it is already so great.


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Emma Smith
May 10, 2014

Thanks for bringing it, Heather! I have this book and will look up the recipe.


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