20150114-SoupFennel Matzo Ball Chicken Soup
january 14, 2015

"Matzo ball soup is chasing a memory," my husband said, as he turned up his nose while we ate it for dinner. But I've got no memory of my own for it. I didn't eat it as a child or as an adult, and worked hard to tell the story of unleavened bread and the escape from Egypt to my children tonight.

I thought it was pretty exciting to see balls of crumb became bread-like under water while simmering the soup. But my family, they were not impressed. 

"This  dinner is boring, it tastes like air."

"I like our usual chicken soup better."

And so that is what we will have next time.

But you can try Fennel Matzo ball Chicken Soup, too. The recipe is on n p. 124 of Marcus Off Duty: The Recipes I Cook at Home.


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