Early Dirt 1979

Dirt! It's what's for dinner!

No? Well, not exactly.

But soil is the vehicle that brings mineral nutrients into the plants we eat, and for that reason dirt is important. It also holds the water that enables plants to grow at all, and gives their roots something to grab on to. Without good soil we would all be in serious trouble.

My name is Heather Knape and I have been eating food and digging in the dirt for more than forty years. That's me over there, in the scarecrow overalls holding the tomato, way back in 1979. Even then I was into dirt. Today I still hold dirt in high esteem: as a gardener, CSA member, cook, eater, wife and mother.

Good dirt is what grows the food I feed myself and my family. And though it may seem that I have little control over the quality of other people's dirt, the opposite is actually true. By doing my best to buy our food from responsible producers, I am helping to insure that the earth's dirt is as free of toxins as possible and stays where it needs to be. This not only directly affects the produce we consume, but also the meat, poultry and especially seafood that we put on our plates.

Making sure that the food on those plates actually gets eaten is something I take very seriously as well. Seasonal produce from farmers I like to support isn't always my kids' favorite thing, and if dinner doesn't taste good to them, they won't eat it. So I put a lot of thought into the recipes I use to cook our food. Finding a happy medium between what my kids like to eat and what I like to eat is quite challenging, as is finding the time to actually prepare our meals and snacks. This blog is about all that: what we eat, how we cook it, who likes it and who doesn't.  Occasionally, I'll post recipes for things we love to eat over and over again, but most of the time it's just a few lines of text and a link or page number for the recipe. We also dine out often, so I'll post about the restaurants we eat at, too.

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Happy eating!

Oh, and one more thing: my name is pronounced /nap/. As in "go take a..."

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