Spring Has Sprung! - may 1, 2014

That is what my mom would say, years ago, when I lived in New Jersey as a child. "Spring has sprung!" By then the last of winter's snow had melted away and crocus buds were beginning to unfurl in the lawn, as the grass came back to life. Purple, yellow, white, sometimes striped and always with a little orange bit in the middle. The bit that, I have since learned, is where the world's most expensive spice comes from: saffron.

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Food 52Rocket Pops and Roast Pig
july 4, 2013

Someone else has dug a hole in their backyard, built a fire and roasted a pig. My family and I are going to help eat it! We made some fancy, fruity popsicles to bring along, but I'm not sure they'll make it to the party in this heat. I have no idea how to transport frozen goods.

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