Asian Chicken SaladAsian Chicken Salad
September 10, 2014

Fast, delicious, healthy! My new favorite salad that uses up leftover chicken and cabbage, two things that tend to languish in our fridge. I ate this for two lunches and one dinner (just me, the kids had something else) while doing the 2014 Hunger Challenge, but I'll eat it any day!

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Soba with Kale, Cabbage and Sesame Salad
July 3, 2014

This is my family's new favorite noodle recipe, from Vegetable Literacy. It is supposed to be made with kale, but tonight I only had a few leaves of usable kale, a handful of beet greens and a small cabbage. So I washed all the leaves, greens and half of the cabbage, rolled them up, sliced them thin, crumpled them up with salt and oil like the recipe says and proceeded with dinner.

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Buy the bookCabbage with Potatoes, Feta & Dill
may 21, 2014

Another great way to use one of the more challenging items that comes in our CSA box: cabbage. I adore cabbage, but my kids do not. Combining it with delicious crusty potatoes, a little dill (both were also in last week's box) and a sprinkling of mild, salty, cheese makes it easy to eat. 

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may 13, 2014

This is an excellent way to use up any cabbages you may have laying around: simple, delicious, easy. The only ingredients are cabbage, butter and salt. From prep to plate, it takes about 15 minutes to prepare. Perfect for a quick weeknight dinner with sauteed chicken breast or pork chops and a salad or other colorful vegetable, like sweet potatoes. Even my kids like it, Yes! 

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march 17, 2014

Yes, of course, from this book. It is where 75% of my spring dinners come from. And it's green, perfect for the holiday! In my kitchen the color is more of a pleasant chartreuse than comes across here on the web. 

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Grilled Steak, Potato Salad & Dressed Lettuce
march 16, 2014

Funny that almost exactly a year ago I was using this same cookbook. The Commonsense Kitchen must have some sort of connection to the Spring for me. Yesterday the weather was a beautiful mid-70s and sunny. This morning started out foggy, cleared to an even better day, but now at 4pm the fog has come back and I'm left contemplating grilling steak out in the cold.

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Shanghai Noodles with Chicken
march 12, 2014

Like I tweeted yesterday, or maybe that was today, I love how Eatwell's newsletter now plans out a week of dinners. Yes! I need that.

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Cabbage, Potato & Chorizo Soup
march 11, 2014

There have been a lot of cabbages at my house, so far this year. We've made many of them into pot-stickers (aka dumplings), which we freeze, then heat-n-eat later. Sometimes I'll chop a half and add it to fried rice, or slice and sauté one with a chopped shallot and whatever other green we happen to have on hand. That makes a great side- dish for pasta or some sort of meat.

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Sunset Magazine

Salmon with Red Cabbage Salad
february 20, 2014

Yes, this again. Jenny Nelson's Grilled Salmon, with the magical glaze I still promise to share with you someday, is always a hit in my house. And this salad is the best way I've found to use up red cabbage. It has cashews and carrots and mint and dressing.



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Moo Shu Pork
october 8, 2013

Still one of very few ways I can get my kids to eat cabbage. The recipe is from Vegetarian Times, September 2011, p, 69,  I just add thinly sliced pork to the stir fry. Serve with small flour tortillas and hoisen.