Farallones National Marine Sanctuary Boathouse

Farallones National Marine Sanctuary
october 23, 2015

You won't find much to eat here, but you can learn a lot about west coast seafood, investigate climate change and dissect a squid! Make plans to tour the visitor center next time you're at the Presidio of San Francisco's Crissy Field or schedule a field trip for your kids' class at school.

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Yogurt Mustard SauceSalmon with Yogurt Mustard Sauce
august 5, 2015

This is one of two ways I can successfully cook fish inside the house. Usually, I go outside and grill it. But Jenny Rosenstrach's Royal Salmon is quick and tasty with an awesome sauce, so it has become this summer's goto for a fast-fish-dish.

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Pan Fried Sole with Chimichurri SaucePollan Family's Panfried Halibut with Chimichurri Sauce
march 16, 2015

My grocery store didn't have any halibut, but it did have sole. It also didn't have any Wondra flour, so I used all purpose. Both substitutions worked out fine: this sauce is delicious, my entire family loved their fish!

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Grilled Swordfish with Root Vegetable Fries and French Lentil SaladGrilled Swordfish
march 10, 2015

Swordfish has been one of my daughter's favorite foods for as long as I can remember. When I first fed it to her I didn't realize that swordfish isn't on the green list for fish: primarily because they are large, top of the food chain predators.

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Grilled Teriyaki SalmonLisa Leake's Grilled Teriyaki Salmon
february 2, 2015

Lisa Leake's book 100 Days of Real Food does a wonderful job of laying out most of the reasons why I choose to cook the way I do. Delicious food made with real ingredients instead of heavily processed or artificial ones is just better, and she tells us why.

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Dill Spiced SalmonDill Spiced Salmon
january 12, 2015

Everyone knows that fish and dill go together well, but in this combination spices and chilies amp that classic combo up to a new level.

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Mackerel RoastMackerel Roast
september 11, 2014

Another recipe using purslane, the powerhouse of wild foragable greens. This was the 4th of our 2014 Hunger Challenge dinners, part of an effort to raise awareness about hunger and what it is like to subsist off $4.50 a day, as do many recipients of our government's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP.

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Poached Halibut with Fennel & Lemon Balm

Poached Halibut with Lemon Balm
august 1, 2014

I wasn't quite sure what to do with the lemon balm in our CSA box, but combining Lorraine's suggestion from the Eatwell Farm newsletter with a favorite recipe from Canal House Cooking did the trick.

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Café Des Amis

Café Des Amis
may 7, 2014

Yes, it's true. I often leave my children at home with nothing more to eat than a bowl of pasta. This time we just happened to have a few mini-sausages and a gift of ripe strawberries from another CSA member, which inched their meal's nutritional content above moderately sub-par. Plus, our babysitter was thoughtful enough to bring cake pops to celebrate my son's birthday!

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Salad Niçoise
april 23, 2014

A composed salad is the obvious thing to make when the fridge is full of Easter Eggs. Salad Niçoise is one version that I especially love, there is something magical about the combination of vinaigrette, hard boiled egg and canned tuna. They work phenomenally well together.

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Sunset Magazine

Salmon with Red Cabbage Salad
february 20, 2014

Yes, this again. Jenny Nelson's Grilled Salmon, with the magical glaze I still promise to share with you someday, is always a hit in my house. And this salad is the best way I've found to use up red cabbage. It has cashews and carrots and mint and dressing.



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Salmon and Broccoli Salad
january 24, 2014

This is the same salmon we make, year after year, from my friend Jenny. We build a boat out of tinfoil around the fillet of salmon, put it on the grill, and glaze it with a soy sauce-brown sugar-olive oil-mustard-butter-ginger concoction. Couscous is our standard starch. This time I served steamed broccoli for the kids and made Eatwell Farm's Broccoli Salad with Asian Dressing for the grown-ups.