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The Cassoulet Saved Our Marriage:
True Tales of Food, Family, and How We Learn to Eat

edited by Caroline M. Grant & Lisa Catherine Harper

I'm very excited to read this because it is a collection of shorter pieces. And especially because one of the editors, Caroline Grant, will be at our Food Lit meeting this month. More news to come.


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Eat Drink Vote:
An Illustrated Guide to Food Politics

by Marion Nestle

Looking forward to this one, especially with the press ramp up food issues have been getting over the last couple years.


Buy the bookAn Everlasting Meal:
Cooking with Economy and Grace

by Tamar Adler

The members of 18 Reasons Food Lit voted to read this one ages ago. But we were hanging on, hoping that the author would attend our meeting the next time she visited San Francisco. Finally we gave up and read it this month.

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Adventures on the Alimentary Canal

by Mary Roach

Mary Roach has a fantastic ability to make the disgusting and truly repulsive both hilarious and fascinating. I loved her books Stiff and Packing for Mars. Now she's written one about food!