Spring Has Sprung! - may 1, 2014

That is what my mom would say, years ago, when I lived in New Jersey as a child. "Spring has sprung!" By then the last of winter's snow had melted away and crocus buds were beginning to unfurl in the lawn, as the grass came back to life. Purple, yellow, white, sometimes striped and always with a little orange bit in the middle. The bit that, I have since learned, is where the world's most expensive spice comes from: saffron.

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Fall - september 25, 2013

Summer is over.

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Arugula Salad

Garden Arugula Salad - july 2, 2013

This July, as usual, we finished up the arugula growing in our garden. It is always gone by mid-summer. Arugula is a remarkably easy crop to grow - as long as it doesn't get too hot or too dry. I try to start it at the beginning of each new year, out in the garden under a cold frame. A cold frame is like a miniature greenhouse and is great for starting plants early, when the weather is still too cold for seeds to sprout on their own. 

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