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Split Pea Soup
july 31, 2013

This is pretty delicious and absurdly easy. We have no celery, so I'll leave it out. We still have two big chunks of frozen ham left from Christmas, so I'll throw one in the pot and rustle up something to serve alongside, like maybe leftover bread and cheese from yesterday.

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Pasta Primavera - april 6, 2010

No eggs for egg salad today, after yesterday's debacle.  

I love fava beans, they are one of the first harbingers of spring at my house. Most years they are ready to harvest from my garden and appear at markets around the same time as shelling peas, asparagus and lilacs. Lilacs are my absolute favorite seasonal delight, except for lilies of the valley, both superstars of the northeastern American springtime garden. As much as I love favas, I would gladly trade a year's worth to get either of those to flower in my Californian yard.

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