Turnips, Cauliflower and Beans with Blood Orange DressingTurnips, Cauliflower & Beans in Blood Orange Dressing
february 25, 2015

This time of year there is usually an influx of turnips from our CSA, which my family tires of eating quickly. Tonight, with a little help from Twitter (where there are always plenty of people willing to tweet about food) I discovered a new dish that everyone in my family will eat!

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20141010-PinkEggsSmBeet Salad with Pink Eggs
october 10, 2014

The problem with beets is that they turn everything pink. So why not do it deliberately? This salad is fast to put together and serve if the beets and eggs are cooked ahead of time. Which I didn't mind doing before breakfast, because dying eggs pink is fun.

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Spicy Feta Lettuce WrapsSpicy Feta Lettuce Wraps
september 26, 2014

Avocado, cucumber, feta, olive oil and spicy chili for a kick. I love this for lunch, for me, especially since one avocado is enough for two days. Haven't tried serving it to my kids yet, though they might enjoy having the choice of what to include.  Except that one of them doesn't like lettuce, cucumber or avocado.

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Caper Burrata CrostiniCaper Burrata Crostini
september 25, 2014

Burrata is a creamier version of fresh mozzerella. I'd never had it before, or at least not cooked with it myself, but after this dinner I highly recommend it. With shallots and capers on toasted baguette it is quite a treat. 

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Honey Pepper FigsHoney Pepper Fresh Figs
september 25, 2014

The fig season seems to be just finishing up right now, and after having some last week at my Eating Wildly dinner, I wanted more. This is a great way to dress them up with a little feta, mint, olive oil and pepper.

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Chard TartChard Tart
september 24, 2014

This tart was a surprisingly successful quick meal, though as you can see, not my prettiest. Pizza dough instead of pastry is a great idea! With a little prep-ahead and someone at home to preheat the oven this is a snap. It takes about 5 minutes to assemble and 30 to bake. Home by 6? You'll eat before 7.

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Plum-thyme SundaePlum-thyme Sundaes
september 23, 2014

When the end of summer comes and overripe plums pile up on the counter, this is one of two great recipes I like to make. The plum sauce keeps for a few days in the fridge and is also good spooned on top of plain yogurt. 

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Carrot & Zucchini Ribbon PastaCarrot & Zucchini Ribbon Pasta
September 23, 2014

This is a quick and easy dinner that does well for kids who like carrots, zucchini, one or the other, or neither. The ribbons are barely cooked, which is a plus for most kids, and they are easily removed by picky eaters.

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French RadishesFrench Radishes
September 23, 2014

I am blessed with a garden that grows radishes quickly and a daughter who eats them. Usually I serve them just with salt. Erin Gleeson's idea to top radishes with butter bumps them up a notch to make a more substantial snack or first course.

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Zucchini AccordionsZucchini Accordions
september 13, 2014

A few minutes of prep and nearly an hour in the oven makes one of the most creative uses of zucchini I've found. Not exactly quick, but it sure tastes good!

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Watermelon SaladWatermelon Salad
august 7, 2014

The melon is refreshing, the herbs spicy bright, the nuts and cheese add just enough weight to make a substantial snack for a blazingly hot day. Or just remind you of one, if you have the ingredients but not the heat: this salad tastes like summer.

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Nectarine & Tomato Salad

Nectarine & Tomato Salad
August 1, 2014

Yes, I know. Tomatoes with stone fruit? No way! That's what I thought, too. But this salad is unexpectedly delicious and celebrates the best of summer's most glorious flavors.

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