SoHa Chicken Jollof RiceMarcus Samuelsson's SoHa Chicken Jollof Rice
march 21, 2015

This is a Senegalese dish that Marcus Samuelson likes to get in South Harlem. I was pretty excited to find a one pot meal recipe that calls for cabbage, and to see peanuts referred to as ground-nuts, since I've long wondered what ground-nut oil is. It often shows up in British cookbooks.

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Shredded Turkey Chili (with chicken)Marcus Samuelsson's Shredded Turkey Chili
march 17, 2015

Most of Marcus Samuelson's recipes are not particularly fast and easy, but this one is! I made it with leftover chicken from a day or two ago and beans cooked in the crockpot yesterday.

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Helga's Meatballs & Gravy with Carrot-Apple Mashed PotatoesHelga's Meatballs & Gravy with Carrot-Apple Mashed Potatoes
march 9, 2015

Helga is Marcus Samuelson's grandmother, and since my own grandmother has no recipe for meatballs, what better way to celebrate National Meatball Day than to use her's?

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Morning CitrusCitrus Segments and Juice
february 9, 2015

One of my kids will always eat her oranges, while the other waffles between sometimes and maybe. But if I cut off the peel, pith and membrane that holds all the good parts together, he eats them up. This is one of my favorite ways to get us all some vitamin C and fiber in the mornings. Thank you Marcus Samuelsson, for teaching me the easy way to cut citrus fruit into segments!

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Helga Jönsson's Roast ChickenHelga Jönsson's Roast Chicken
january 25, 2015

I love a roasted  chicken. My entire family will eat it without complaint, there are always leftovers and a crockpot of stock can be made from the bones. Lately I've been investigating how other people roast their chicken, and in this case Marcus Samuelson's adaptation of his Grandmother's traditional recipe was the perfect thing, to celebrate my own children's Grandmother.

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Orange-Fennel Salad

Orange-Fennel Salad
january 25, 2015

I don't usually love bitter greens in my salad, but this one is quite good. It turns the more typical mix of grapefruit and a less disagreeable flavor (like butter lettuce or avocado) on its head, with frisée playing the part of cranky old endive. Orange, fennel and balsamic vinegar join the bowl to sweeten things up. A combination of cara-cara and blood oranges work especially well here.

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20150126-JalapenoEggsJalapeño Scrambled Eggs
january 25, 2015

Jalapeños seem like the perfect foil to the richness of eggs and the Bacon Biscuits we served for brunch, and they are, as far as my tastebuds were concerned. But the recipe also calls for half and half, which makes this egg dish just about as rich and fatty as the bacon biscuits alongside.

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20150126-BiscuitsBacon Biscuits
january 25, 2015

We kicked off our big Sunday feast with Bacon Biscuits and Jalapeño Scrambled Eggs, a hearty brunch that fueled up three generations of family for a hike up the local mountain located a few blocks away from our house. These biscuits are quick and easy to make: no rolling needed. But you could speed things along by cooking the bacon the night before, unless you relish the smell of bacon in the morning.

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Potato Spinach PiePotato-Spinach Pie
january 21, 2015

Usually I make my own pie crust or use one from the freezer, but this time I took the author's advice and bought one pre-made from the store. It's a good thing I did, since prep for this recipe took a while, leaving about two minutes to roll out the dough and assemble the pie before kid-duty commenced.

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Roast Chicken with CouscousRoast Chicken with Vinaigrette & Couscous
january 19, 2015

Marcus Samuelsson says the herbs in this meal remind him of working in Switzerland, which is a beautiful image. My version of this meal reminds me of California, because it's not very often that I find as many locally produced items in one big bowl as in this one.

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Corn on the CobCorn on the Cob
january 18, 2015

Marcus Samuelsson calls this corn lip-smakin' good, and it is, just like the rib eyes we served it with. The combination of flavored butter, queso fresco and lime juice is perfect. But, once again, I have to ask myself if the end result is really worth all the effort.

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Rib EyeRib Eye
january 18, 2015

In his cookbook these are rib eyes on the bone, but I forgot, and bought them off. In typical Marcus Samulesson style the preparation involves an intricate and multi-stepped blending of culturally diverse ingredients that are delicious together, in new and surprising ways. In this case a coffee-chocolate rub, herbs, lemon juice and grilled garlic, jalapenos and scallions. 

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